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By Liesse Swinnen

Mix-city is a building situated in the project ‘Merging Molenbeek’. Next to the Ossegem station and at the corner of the ‘Gentsesteenweg’ and the ‘Alphonse Vandenpeereboomstraat’ the site is densified, containing the majority of the housing and a public square complemented by catering. The aim is to merge the existing neighbourhood and the new build environment by attracting all inhabitants to this urban corner. The building is permeable visually, socially and in terms of accessibility. The inner courtyard is public and accessible in order to create social mixity, providing green space and access to shops. Mixity in terms of economy is reached by creating a direct connection between the dwellings and the duplex shops. Green roof, vegetable gardens and water management are the sustainable design strategies that are integrated in order to stimulate the social interaction between the inhabitants and to provide the self-sufficiency of the building. The sun orientation is taken into account for the volumetry of the building. Mix-city is all about achieving mixity, sustainability and connectivity through merging on different levels for different users.

Academic year
Study year
Structure Material
wood, steel, reinforced concrete
Structural System
mixed (housing and public), public space
sustainable design, sustainable urbanism
Course(s) attached
Date of defense
23 September 2021